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luxury & holiday rentals

premium cleaning, maintenance and hosting in Byron Bay.

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is quality important to you?

  • Do you offer holiday rental properties or luxury stays?
  • Are you looking for Airbnb Property Management in Byron Bay?
  • Do you need reliable help to keep everything running smoothly?

In the Bay Services offers tailored management, cleaning & maintenance to property owners offering short term rentals. If you need Airbnb Property Management in Byron Bay, then look no further.

We pride ourselves in providing the best services in Byron Bay and work closely with each owner to provide the exact services that you need, consistently.

We clean every property as if it was us checking in to for a holiday.

To us, the small details matter.

Being a local company, we understand the business and when interacting with guests, we know how to be hospitable. If problems arise, we solve them quickly and efficiently to ensure the ultimate stay for your guests. Don’t get caught scrambling for cleaners when someone lets you down.

Our number one goal is to help you take the stress out of managing your rentals.

If you need it, we will get it done.

consistently excellent

We are a local family-owned and operated business and your happiness is essential to our business!

We hire people who genuinely take pride in their work.

Our team is large enough that we’ll always have someone when you need them but small enough that you’ll get to know your cleaner personally.

We’re about servicing the community and we rely on their feedback and word-of-mouth to continue to grow and succeed.

how does it work?

We walk together through your property and decide what you want us to be responsible for. We have solid systems to ensure a consistently high quality of cleaning and maintenance that you can rely on. If you want help with the day to day guest communication we can assist with that too.

cleaning services

cleaning services

  • Scheduled cleaning for all check outs and turn overs
  • Deep, maintenance cleaning once a month
  • Ordering and restocking of consumables
  • Linen hire
maintenance services

maintenance services

  • Garden maintenance & pool cleaning
  • Unique requests & problem solving
  • Indoor/outdoor maintenance: plumbing, wiring, handyman etc.
hosting services

hosting services

  • Full guest liaison - including AirBNB co-hosting
  • Listing, bookings, guest questions and problems
  • Check in/check out and welcome messages
  • Emergency contact and noise complaints
  • Preparing local information etc.

clients say

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frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions and answers, for anything else we welcome your call!

If I prefer a particular cleaner, can that person return to my property every clean?

Yes! Due to our large team, we are mostly able to give our cleaners’ regular clients, like yourself.

Help! I need to cancel my booking as my schedule has changed.

Too easy, please contact us to reschedule a time that suits.

*Please note there is a cancellation fee if within 48 hours of the time of your booking.

Are you magicians? My place looks brand-spanking new and my property reviews are through the roof!

I wish we were! We’re so glad you’re pleased with our work—we’d be so grateful if you could please take the time to leave us a review if you have a moment.

I’m swamped with Airbnb bookings and laundry, can you take over?

Yes of course! Please contact us directly if you are an existing client wishing to transition services. If you are new to our extended family, please complete a booking inquiry and we will get back to you shortly.

Do you offer any discounts?

Unfortunately, not at this time, however if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, we do suggest sourcing a company who focuses on price and forgoes quality.

Something was accidentally skipped over during my scheduled clean, can you amend it?

Oh no! Our apologies, please contact us immediately so we can return to resolve the issue at your earliest convenience.

Do you clean pools/spas, barbecues, patios, and other external spaces?

Yes, all the above! If your property has any of these things, we will discuss this as a possible inclusion in the scope of your clean during our initial on-site quote and walk-through.

*We do not however do any sort of power washing driveways/footpaths, washing of external windows, furniture cleaning or removal of algae/scum from pools.

What I need done at my property differs from week to week, is this okay?

Hi there, yes, of course. We work with you to give you back more of your valuable time.

Please contact us and let us know beforehand what you’d like to focus on for your upcoming clean so we can best accommodate your needs.